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February 25, 2013- Wow...sorry It's been so long! You understand why when you read my bio. ^^;; Anyway, changed layout, updated bio, and edited all photos (my pictures, artwork, and photography) to make them more uniform. I really hope to do more with this website! :)

October 10, 2011- Layout update for Halloween, updated bio, and new pics of me! :)

June 7, 2011- A REALLY BIG happy birthday to me...I am now engaged! SO EXCITED! :D

May 10, 2011- Updated my job and added a relationship status. <3

April 25, 2011- Today I added a "donate" option to my website. So if someone has a kind heart and feels compelled to donate to me or the website, I would be eternally grateful!

March 22, 2011- Website's four-year anniversary!

December 18, 2010- New pictures of me. <3

September 30, 2010- MAJOR renovation! New layout and cleaner HTML. <3

July 21, 2010- At long last... after three years of being labeled "coming soon", the Artwork page has been updated! FINALLY!

July 14, 2010- Several new photos have been added to the photography section in my portfolio. I may take one down.... *mumbles*

July 8, 2010- Added two new pictures of me to the photo album!

June 7, 2010- Happy Birthday to me!!!

April 17, 2010- Added a new banner to the front page supporting Turner Syndrome and updated bio with new job and info on Turner's.

March 22, 2010- Happy Three-Year Anniversary, Tora's World! <3

January 1, 2010- Added a new picture of me with Adrian from this year's ren fest, and added two new poems! Check 'em out. I have also split the photo album into four parts, more as I add more pictures. I have also added a "cookie trail" to the bottom of the poetry I have posted.

December 22, 2009- I updated bio with new job, and added genres instead of you having to read through a million of my favorite movies. Also added links to my MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, DeviantART, and Gaia Online accounts. Pic update soon to come....

June 7th, 2009- My Birthday. =^w^=

May 19, 2009- I added new pictures to my photo album, added a new link in my bio page that includes my playlist (a list of music that describes me), added two new tiger avatars and a new Jesus fish .gif to the front page, and did a lot of HTML clean-up. ^^;;

March 22, 2009- Website's Two Year Anniversary!

November 6, 2008- I added a new picture of me to my photo album and also updated the image on my bio page. Enjoy!

October 20, 2008- Long time no see, huh? Heh... Sorry. Anyway, I added a new page today! My Photography! Stop by and see the pictures I've taken. Oh, yeah, It's got a new path... Portfolio >> Photography. I also added some more pictures of me!

June 7, 2008- Haaappy Birthday to who? Me! <3

May 10, 2008- Updated my bio with new job.

March 22, 2008- Website's One Year Anniversary!

September 11, 2007- Decorated the main page!

September 9, 2007- Updated Bio with my new job!

August 31, 2007- The long awaited Photo Gallery is up!

August 30, 2007- Sorry it's been so long- I haven't forgotten about you! I updated my bio page.

June 20, 2007- I added a new poem: Sweet Rain! Thanks for reading.

June 7, 2007- Happy Birthday to me!

May 11, 2007- I took down my blog: I just couldn't keep up with it. I know I still need to get my artwork up.

April 25, 2007- I added Melinda Fan to the links list! VOTE MELINDA!!

April 16, 2007- I added a bio about me! Later I'll add an image to it. I know I promised Artwork! I'm getting to it. I also merged the link in/out page to make room for the bio link. ::edit:: I just added a page that I will eventually get images of me on. I aslo added a hit counter too!

April 4, 2007- I added a blog!

March 25, 2007- Today I uploaded all of the pages, got all of my poetry up, set the guestbook up, and added Kitsune's Forest (my sister site) to the links out page.

March 24, 2007- Added the info about me on the homepage and made the updates page.

March 23, 2007- Made the layout.

March 22, 2007- I bought the domain "" from DreamHost!